Designing with Intention

Designing with Intention

This topic has been coming up a lot for me lately. As I've been working on my own self awareness and connection with myself, I've noticed some things. Some things that are crucial to the outcome of my designs.

As creative people, we don't always feel creative. It can feel forced or rushed or hurried. We've all made a design and absolutely hated it afterwards. It's not a great feeling. I always feel frustrated and angry when these moments happen. But when these moments arise, it's always because I wasn't prepared. I wasn't prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually to design. I didn't hold the right space for myself to be successful. I didn't have the right intention before starting.

And so I started looking at my behavior. I started being aware of my design techniques and the outcomes. I started watching and noting things down and this is what I discovered:

  • The better relationship I have with with my own creativity and flow, the better the outcome.

  • When I give myself proper time to design and am not rushed, that's when the magic happens.

  • Whenever I create a peaceful environment, my designs flourish and I enjoy creating them so much more.

And I always want to give my all to my clients. I always want to make myself proud. I want to gift the most magical design I possibly can to whoever I'm designing for. And so to ensure I get myself to my best creative state, I do the following things:

  • I get rid of all distractions so that I can connect with my flowers. This includes my cell phone. It goes on do not disturb mode and I leave it in the other room. It's a terrible distraction and I need it to be out of sight and out of mind.

  • I set an alarm for when I need to be done so I don't look at the clock. This is a huge creative flow killer. If i'm always watching the clock and am feeling rushed, the project suffers. I always ensure to give myself plenty of time to design so that creative flow can surge through me. 

  • I intentionally set the mood for the space I want to be creative in. This includes music, lighting, cleanliness, smells, etc. I like a peaceful environment. This includes removing clutter too. I'll clean my tools and sweep the floor before starting almost every time. And like to have a candle burning for some goo aromatherapy. 

  • I do some deep breaths and burn sage to cleanse my own aura and the energy of the room. I'll walk around and smudge the space and as I do so I clear the muck in my mind. The distractions in it. I think about my client, the designs I'm here to create, and envision the outcome. I try to be completely present. It's like a mini meditation, to prep myself and the room for what's about to happen next.

So with that, I invite you to see what works best for you to get in your most creative state. What helps you flow and connect with your medium as a designer? I have a friend who has to pull her hair up into a pony tail before she touches a single flower. Another that enjoys a special snack (cookies!) as she designs. And another who prefers complete silence. Because we are each so unique as individuals, it's no surprise that each person has their own way of channeling their creativity. I invite you to become aware of your most successful designs days and see what rituals and practices you're implementing.  And if you're willing to share them, I'd love to hear from you!  Comment on this post or shoot me a DM on instagram. 

xo, Alexa

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