Utah Wedding Venues with Easy Vendor Load-Ins from a Florist's Perspective

Utah Wedding Venues with Easy Vendor Load-Ins from a Florist's Perspective

This is a list of Utah venues (that I've personally worked at) with the easiest load ins and load outs.  We florists have a lot of stuff: buckets and buckets of flowers, your personal flowers, centerpieces, candles and glassware, arches and other mechanical structures, ladders, tool boxes, cake flowers, arch flowers, sign flowers, the checklist goes on and on.  And it is honestly our duty to lug all of this stuff to and from your wedding venue.  It's a necessary part of the job that we are happy to do so we can bring the beauty of the botanical world to your space.  We love flowers, and we love having flowers everywhere, but we have a lot of stuff to load in.  And most of the stuff we bring is fragile. It takes both strength and a watchful eye to make sure all your delicate flowers arrive safely to your venue for you and your guests to enjoy. 

So, if we have to lug all your flowers, candles, and supplies via ski lift to your venue that's on the top of a mountain, it's not going to make my list.  I don't care how pretty the venue is.  These weddings are a tougher set-up.  Especially if the weather isn't cooperating.  Or if parking is a nightmare.  We florists are traveling to your venue in huge cargo vans.  We are already out of our element having to drive these large vehicles around.  Add on having thousands of dollars worth of precious flowers inside - we're stressed.  We want everything to arrive as beautifully as we created them in our studio. So, we would like things to be easy.  We would like easy access to the venue with the ease of pulling up right to the unloading doors.  It may seem so simple, but when we can drive right up to the unloading doors, it's a blissful moment. 

Another thing to consider is the accessibility to said unloading doors.  Some mega venues have multiple levels and ballrooms, and as a non-guest of the venue, you're stuck to wander the basement levels until you hopefully find the right place.  And now you're destined to unload your giant penske full of stuff one wagon or cart load at a time. Thirty trips later, you've finally unloaded everything. And while some venues have separate vendor unloading areas, some venues only have public access to unload.  So you are unloading right at the main doors of the establishment, fighting for the elevator amongst guests staying at the hotel.  You feel in the way as you wheel in another cart full of flowers. 15 trips later, you have everything where it needs to go. 

I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, I'm just trying to paint a picture of what we florists go through to pull off the beautiful events that we do.  I will admit that I sometimes catch myself jealously looking at the hair and makeup artist or photographer and the little amount of cargo they had to lug with them.  "TWO BAGS?!" I think to myself... "all you had to bring was two bags and you didn't even have to take two trips?" Those lucky ducks!

And speaking of time, if your venue does not allow vendors on site for more than an hour before the ceremony starts, you're not making my list either.  Nothing is more infuriating than a venue that doesn't allow vendors to show up when they want to.  If my client has invested thousands on their wedding flowers, I want to have plenty of time to design and place everything to make sure it's absolutely perfect for them.  I just ask for some flexibility on this, as we are all working together to make a couple's day special for them.  

So now, let's see who makes it on my list of Utah Wedding Venues with Easy Vendor Load-Ins from a Florist's Perspective in no particular order:

Please note that I'm only sharing venues that I've actually worked out of.  There are other beautiful ones with easy load in I'm sure, but I didn't want to put any on here that I couldn't vouch for myself.  

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