Gifts to Gift A Florist

Gifts to Gift A Florist

Have a florist in your life that you'd like to get a gift for?  Look no further!  As a florist that's been in the industry for almost a decade, I have you covered.  Below is a list of ideas but you can also have a listen to me talking through each one episode 31 of the Flowers on Fire podcast.  Happy shopping! 


Lush cuticle cream 


Frey or Blundstone boots 

Obenauf's leather oil + wax

Floral shears (buy the shortest blade length!)

Floral knife 

Tool belt 

Milwaukee Packout 

Sun protection - a big floppy hat for outdoor wedding work 


Epsom salt bath soaks for sore muscles

Bath bombs (Lush has the best ones!)


IV’s for busy season

Blank card set/thank you cards with postage stamps

Door Dash Gift Card 




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