How to Make your Flowers Last

How to Make your Flowers Last

(There's a podcast episode on this exact topic on the Flowers On Fire podcast if you'd rather listen than read. Plus I go into far greater detail there!)

So you just picked up a flower arrangement or just had one delivered and you’re not entirely sure how to care for them. You know they probably need water. And, sugar? Sugar is a thing with flowers right? Well, I’m here to leave the guessing out and share a few simple tips on making your flowers last as long as they possibly can.

  1. Don’t place your flowers in sunlight or under blowing air like a fan or vent.

  2. Keep the water level up to the top. Your flowers will be thirsty, especially in the summertime when it’s warmer temps. Just be in the habit of filling the vase with water every day.

  3. As your flowers decay, bacteria growth will increase inside the vase. To help mitigate this, you’ll want to replace the vase water. Do this by placing your arrangement in the sink. Place the water spout as close to the mouth of the vase as you can. (You may need to shifts some flowers aside with your hand.) Run cool water into the vase until the water overflows. Let the water continue to overflow until you think you have replaced the old water with new water.

  4. Sprinkle 1/3 of your flower food packet into the vase. (If your florist did not provide you with a flower food packet, go ahead and get in the pantry and sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar into the vase. This will feed your flowers.

  5. Flowers are also able to take moisture up from their leaves + petals. You may mist your flowers with cool, clean water from a clean bottle spritzer. Just a spritz or two will do, you don’t want to over do it!

  6. Pick our dead flowers as they die. Each flower has its own life span and will die at different times. To help mitigate bacteria growth from the decay, pluck the dead flowers out so they don’t contaminate the water or the environment.

  7. Enjoy them fiercely!

xo, Alexa

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