Preparing for your Wedding Flower Consultation

Preparing for your Wedding Flower Consultation

Are you scheduled to meet with your wedding florist but aren't exactly sure what questions or other information you need to bring to your meeting?  Then this list will be the perfect thing to read through as you prepare!   To try and keep things organized, I've divided things up into two categories: "Details to Bring" and "Questions to Ask".  

Details to Bring To Your Consultation:

(Or details to be sure to share with your florist before meeting.  Most florists will send you a questionnaire to fill out prior to meeting, or some way to capture this information prior to meeting.  But if not, be ready to share these details with them in your consultation)

  1.  Color Palette - Share visuals on the colors you are incorporating at your wedding.  What do you invites look like?  What color dresses are your bridesmaids wearing?  What color are your tablecloths?  This will help us to choose the hues and tones for your flowers so they compliment perfectly. 
  2. Inspo pics - Flowers are a very visual thing and inspo pics are a great tool to showcase what you like.  I've found that we all have different language we use when trying to explain the same thing, so having pictures to share is a sure proof way of showcasing designs that you like. (want brownie points with your florist?  bring inspo pics of their work that you love!) 
  3. Details about your venue - Every venue operates differently.  Some allow vendors to arrive on site whenever they want to start setting up, some allow real flame candles while others do not, each has it's own unique load in and load out process, and every venue is going to have architectural elements that are unique to them.  
  4. Budget - We are dreamers and creatives.  If we aren't given a price range or a ceiling to stay under, we will probably dream up a bid with the most extravagant ideas and be over your budget.  Be prepared to talk about openly about money so we know where you are comfortable so we can create a proposal that's a perfect fit for you. 
  5. Design Wish List - Your florist will go over a list of designs with you, but if there is something unique or special you'd like created, be sure to bring this up.  This could be discussing the possibility of adding flowers into a fountain that's on site, or creating a collar for your dog to wear at the ceremony.  We'd love to hear all your unique designs and discuss how to bring them to life. 

Questions to Ask your Florist: 

  1. Rental Items - What rental items do you offer?  Do you rent arch structures, candles, or vases?  And ask how the rentals work.  If you rent vases to house your centerpieces, could you florist first place a loamie dish or some kind of container in the vase first so you could take that container home with the flowers once the wedding is over? 
  2. Labeling Personal Flowers - To help your wedding planner or maid of honor or whoever is designated to pass out the boutonnieres and corsages, ask your florist to label your personal flowers.  That way, each design gets to the right person.  You could do first names or who they are to the bride and groom ("Kerry" or "Mother of the Bride").  Just be sure to get your list of names to your florist a few weeks before your wedding, please don't be last minute about it.  
  3. Strike/Clean Up - What is the plan at clean up?  Does you florist offer the capability to donate your flowers after your wedding?   Can your Aunt Lucy pass the centerpieces out to family once the reception is over?  See what your florist's policies and capabilities are. 
  4. Styling Blooms - Ask your florist if they provide styling blooms for your photographer to play with.  They can make all the difference when capturing those detail shots with your invitation, rings, etc. 
  5. Dream Design - As a creative, my most favorite thing is when a bride or groom asks what I would bring to the space if it were up to me.  This is a great way to get the creative juices of your florist going and to have them think outside of the box.  Even if your budget won't allow for an extra idea, asking this questions is going to invite creativity into your consultation and make your florist feel valued and heard. 

As each florist is going to have their own consultation process, I hope you have found these points inspiring and helpful. 

xo, Alexa


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