The Importance of Vendor Relationships

The Importance of Vendor Relationships

Everyone’s heard the saying “ It takes a village to raise a child”, well the same applies to weddings. These large scale, emotion filled days are only possible by an incredible vendor team. Each professional bringing their teams and a-game to execute their craft. Things have the be timely, swift, and must impress the couple and their guests. Expectations run high and factors outside of anyone’s control often shows up. Things like weather, last minute changes to the schedule, or emotional circumstances usually tend to sneak in. But the worst one ever is miscommunication.

Having a vendor team that communicates clearly and efficiently is key to a smooth event. One that communicates their needs and expectations before the big day is even better. Now we can run like a well oiled machine, or bees in the same hive. We communicate, we work together, and have fun! Bringing high vibrations and positive energy to the entire environment.

While my team and I are on site, I make sure to say hello to my fellow vendors. Or introduce myself if we haven’t met previously. I also offer if I can do anything for them. This builds trust and will add to the strength of the team. I always appreciate when other vendors have my back. Like sharing changes in schedule or pointing out who is who. If we are all educated behind the scenes on the current events, we can more easily adapt and pivot if need be.

I have so many DJ and photographer and wedding planner and catering friends, now it’s the best thing on the planet! Outside of wedding set up and take down, I know I have a powerhouse of professionals I can go to for questions and advice. Plus, we all have the insight to refer one another when the chance pops up. Since we all have made the effort to help and get to know one another, the next time a bride or groom asks for a DJ recommendation, I can confidently share one with them.

If you’re a vendor, make sure to say hello to your fellow vendor friends and offer a helping hand. And remember that nothing ever goes according to plan. Weddings are wild beasts…we’re all in this together!

xo, Alexa

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