Tips + Tricks for Wedding + Event Set Up

Tips + Tricks for Wedding + Event Set Up

Hi flower fam!

A few weeks ago, I released a Flowers On Fire Podcast Episode going over some tips and tricks for setting up on site for a wedding or event. (You can listen to the episode by clicking here!) And at the end of the episode, I asked you all to write in on Instagram some more tips to share. Here, I have compiled all of the tips and tricks together so you all can reference them and hopefully take a few to apply in your own business. Thanks to all who contributed. I effing love you guys!


  • Have a good mindset. Go with the flow, know that things won’t be perfect, and be as adaptable as possible.

  • Expect plans to have to change due to weather or other reasons and adjust with a smile.

  • Vendors, client family, venue staff all have eyes on you. Make sure to come looking professional and having a positive attitude. You never know who will refer you in the future!

  • Always confirm final details with the client 3-4 weeks before. It’ll be great to reconnect with them again and they will feel taken care hearing from you.

  • NEVER talk to the client the week of their wedding. It will stress them out and they should be sipping cocktails and enjoying time with family, not hearing from you!

  • Confirm any final last minute details that you haven’t previously confirmed (ei arrival time, where to unload at venue, timeline questions, arch arrival time from x vendor) with planners/venue coordinators/vendors 5 days before the event. Any sooner than that, they’re most likely fully focused on another client’s event prior to the one you’re working on together.

  • Use Iphone Notes or another app or program to share the details of the day with your team. List out the timeline, to do list, on site design inspo pics, planner name and contact info.. all the things so they can reference every detail whenever they have a question. You can even share this with them days before so that they can come to you with any questions before wedding or event day.

  • Don’t micromanage your team. Let them get their creative juices flowing and trust them to do a great job with every task. Don’t stifle their creativity.

  • Always bring extra vases + candles. If a vase breaks, you have one to replace the broken one with. Same with the candles.

  • Bring water and snacks! For yourself, your team, or even another vendor or family member of the family. You don’t need a whole cooler full, but a few granola bars and bottles of water. You’ll be someone’s saviour and they’ll remember that forever.

  • Bring a first aid kit too! (One lives in my tool bag that I bring on site. I’ll create a post with everything that’s in my tool bag sometime soon!)

  • Show up early! Even if you can’t enter the building yet. I’m sure you’d rather be on site waiting to get started than 15 minutes late and rushing.

  • Always have a pop up trash can! And a tarp under installations to clean up faster.

  • Hire help

  • Take videos and make a reel at each wedding

  • Bring multiple bins

  • Light the candles to take pics & vids then blow them out (if it’s way too early to light them)

  • Eat. Drink. Pee. Actually do it!

  • Find a carpenter to build you a bid vase tray where each vase sits within its own hole for travel

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