Custom Weddings


Our team of expert designers will showcase the natural beauty of the botanical world to make the perfect statements on your wedding day. From bridal bouquets to tablescapes to large scale floral installations, every design that is created in the Lilly and Iris studio is sure to evoke emotion and impress your guests.

We will work directly together to bring your vision to life and will execute your event flawlessly from start to finish.  Perfectly placing every petal, lighting every candle, and returning to clean everything up at the end of the night.  We will even donate your flowers to local hospitals and retirement facilities when the night is through. 

There is a $7,000 minimum for Custom Weddings and a quote can be shared with you following a complimentary consultation.  To schedule a consultation, fill out the form on the Contact Us page. 

Get In Touch

Flower loving people are the best kinds of people...people that we love and adore greatly. We already can't wait to hear all about your flower plans and how we can help bring your vision to life. Let's brainstorm, get wildly creative, and see what the botanical world has to offer to us.